My 2023

“My 2023”

It has been a wonderful first year in Saint Patrick’s School, I will recount unto what wonderful things I remember from this year.


The first time I arrived, I was nervous. It was my first time in an English-Speaking country, and all I knew was Tagalog, our native language in the Philippines. I was SERIOUSLY afraid of my bad English skills. After they shouted which class was which(I was picked to be in Room 7), it was a pretty fun class.


It’s been a while since an actually good and fun thing happened. Swimming! We had swimming lessons for 2 weeks. It REALLY helped me because I never knew how to swim. Really fun, and helpful too.


My first tournament for Saint Patrick’s school. It was brilliant! We managed to win 2ND PLACE in the whole year 7-8 tournament. I was happy, my first tournament, and we managed to reach 2nd, thus being unable to beat the last team. It was ok, Mr Bell said: “You didn’t lose the tournament, you lost to the best team”.


My 2nd tournament wasn’t that successful, but it was fun. I am happy I got chosen to be in the SPS’ team in rugby. We’re nearly at the end of the year, it was a fun journey with Room 7.


It’s November 30, Thursday, I believe our LAST day of tech with Mr Blankenaar, or Mr B. He was as fun as Mr Bell. We will miss him for a long-long time. Also, we’re nearly at the end of Term 4. I didn’t want to leave, but you have to get on with it. It’s Life, It’s just life.


Reading Activities

STATION A – ACTIVITY 1: “Write a poem or rap (20 lines or more) about the novel

An accident occurs, late at night

The Animorphs form, such a disturbing sight

The aliens arrive, at the dawn of light,

A kid named Tobias, will help the Animorphs fight,

Aliens attack, from left to right, 

Secretly without getting a sight

Tobias makes a mistake, he will still fight!

Tobias senses danger, a UFO is in sight!

Tobias tries to chase it, but yet it’s faster than his flight,

Sadly for Tobias, he misses the sight!

Tobias is sad, it’s alright.

He sees one of his friends, form back to a girl, truly a horrifying sight,

Tobias thrives, he wants another SIGHT!

Tobias is mad, he wants to fight,

The UFO is spotted once, will Tobias get another sight?

Tobias haunts the Night

Thriving for another sight

He’s sick and tired of all this stress just for one fight?

They go in a hunt in the dawn of light,

His friends go fast, whilst Tobias just flies.

Will they ever get into a fight?!


STATION A – ACTIVITY 2: “Pretend you are interviewing a person from the book. Write your interview in question and answer format. Make sure to include at least 10 questions



Me: What made you be a part of the Animorphs? Also can you explain yourself?


Tobias(Main character of the Book): Oh, from what I remember, I was just walkin’ with my friends, then something happened and I forgot the rest. All I remember is those people I like to call “they” or “them”. I’m the main character of the book “ANIMORPHS The Encounter”.


Me: Oh, ok, Fascinating. But also, how did you turn into a Falcon forever?


Tobias: Well, long story short, I stayed as a Falcon for more than five hours, remember; “Every blessing has a curse”. And yeah, after I stayed as a Falcon for too long I eventually turned into a Falcon forever, because “they” told us that if we stay in our forms for more than 5 hours, we will stay as that form forever.


Me: Interesting indeed. What happened after you saw that UFO? Did you ever catch it?


Tobias: The first time I saw it I hesitated for a bit, then tried to chase it, but it was clearly faster than me and after a while of chasing it vanished out of thin air. I was unable to catch it.


Me: Oh, what happened after that?


Tobias: Oh you know I went back down to my friend’s house and saw her turn back into a human which was … terrifying.


Me: Oh, then can you explain how she formed back into a human?


Tobias: Ok so firstly she was an Elephant right?


Me: Mhm


Tobias: Firstly, she made her Elephant foot turn into a hand- it’s too disturbing do you still wanna know?


Me: To be honest, I don’t wanna know. What about; Did you guys do teamwork?


Tobias: All the time.


Me: What about, when you and your friends went hunting, were you able to find the UFO again?


Tobias: Oh, I don’t think you readed that part before, read that part before you ask me.                                               


Me: Oh… ok.


Tobias: Any more questions?


Me: Hmm.. let me think. Ah! What about whenever you turn into an animal?


Tobias: Well, when I wasn’t cursed, it was horrifying every time I had to form back to human. Trust me, you wouldn’t like this power, but if you get used to it, you can probably not get traumatised, and I mean probably.


Me: Very interesting, last question: “How was your life before you had these powers”?


Tobias: Well, I was living an average life just like everyone else as a kid.


Me: Oh! Well, thank you for your cooperation in this interview, God Bless you!


Tobias: Well, it was lovely talking to you. I really thank you for inviting me to this interview.

Me: amazing!!



STATION A – ACTIVITY  3: “Design a children’s story retelling some event in the story”


(The moment Tobias got the powers)

“A happy kid named “Tobias” was living his most normal life! Playing with his friends, but all of a sudden, something happened! He has superpowers now, he can now save the world! He’s like Green Lantern but he can actually form in real life and isn’t a hologram, he can also only form as an animal, but ANY animal! Although, this power has a very bad effect, it has a curse. When he stays as an animal for 5 hours or more, he will turn into that animal forever!”


STATION B – ACTIVITY 1: “Make a book jacket. It should be an attractive design and include an original summary of the book, information on the author and illustrator, and information about other books from the author”


The true work: Click here



STATION B – ACTIVITY 2: “Design a 20 question Jeopardy-style PowerPoint presentation or Kahoot about your novel -Board Game. Create a board game based on the novel. Include important events, characters and the message of the novel in your game”


Blooket – 20 questions

Why The Stone Cottage is Important To Our Community

Why The Stone Cottage is Important To Our Community


BY: Justine, R7

A short three paragraph explanation.


Please remember that some parts of this writing I just searched up, but I did not copy it. So I added in the Sources. 


The Stone Cottage is a historical place in Auckland, Panmure. The building was built about 175 years ago, or in the 1800s. It’s an old artefact as a cottage itself.


The Stone Cottage was built in the 1800s and was built in the city of Auckland, and in the town of Panmure. Back in the days, there were no vehicles/cars, it was pretty quiet. Say, It was a little more peaceful in New Zealand than it is now. The Stone Cottage was once located near Mt. Wellington but since 1971 has relocated to 1 Kings Road, Panmure. The Owners of the house really struggled with Light, since there was no electricity, to get light they needed Whale Oil, which to get you had to … hunt whales.



How I Knew Where it Was Before: OurAuckland


The Stone Cottage was built in around 1854-1857. It’s very historical because it was built around 143 years ago around British Rule. It’s magnificent to know that the Cottage is still standing after so many years ago, but it was once built near Mt. Wellington near the McDonalds right now.  Most of the materials in the house were around in the 18th Century, even a doll is 100 years old in there.



How I knew when it was Made: Aucklife


The Cottage has extremely old items inside of it that became a museum. This Cottage is a very old piece of masterpiece, it holds many old artefacts and tools. It tells us how the people that lived inside this house actually did it. In our generation, it’s very hard to survive without electricity. The Stone Cottage itself is older than most houses and countries, the cottage holds very fragile old artefacts, it needs to be kept safe so the people that lived there can show other people for the future so they can understand how hard it was back in the days. 


 How We Can Care For And Protect The Life On Our Planet

 How We Can Care For And Protect The Life On Our Planet

By: Justine Gunay




Keeping our planet safe is a very important thing to do. Without our planet, life won’t exist. Life on our planet is important as well, trees and animals are an important part of a human’s life. We need to protect and care for them, that will be the topic of this writing.


  ‘ What are the types of crises on this planet? ’


The world has too many problems to count;

  • Climate change – this crisis results in climates changing, for example, it’s summer and it rained the whole summer. This happened because of the use of fossil fuels which affected the earth’s ozone layer.
  • Wars – these crises are probably one of the most dangerous crises in this world, this can affect Mother Nature, and kills civilians, soldiers and animals.
  • Global Warming – this crisis occurs mostly in winter, winter is supposed to be cold, but Global Warming is the one affecting the weather of the season, making *mostly* Winter very hot.

Enough of the crisis talk, how can we care for and protect life? Well, firstly:

         -Whenever you see a piece of paper, don’t hesitate and pick it up-


Even if you’re spoiled and acting like a scaredy cat, these plastics can go through this process:

  1. The plastic would get blown by the wind bringing it in the drain,
  2. After getting in the drain, it’ll reach the sewers, and most of those sewers reach the ocean,
  3. After reaching the ocean, it’ll sink and the sea animals would mistake it for food, they could eat it, it’s plastic so it’s not edible, resulting in the fishes *that ate the plastic* to die.


If you don’t pick up plastic, that will happen to the fish. Also you don’t want that to happen to the fish do you? Joining any pick-up-trash communities could work as well, helping them clean up is not only *kind of* helping your physicals but you’re also saving one fish’s life per plastic!


Also, Global Warming is melting Antarctica. This is a very dangerous event, Scientists say that it might completely melt in a couple of Centuries. Global Warming is the result of using Fossil Fuels a lot. Also, smoke is slowly destroying our Ozone Layer. Which in-case you don’t know, is an Atmosphere that is stopping most of the Sun’s heat getting into earth. The Ozone Layer got a hole once, but all of the world’s countries agreed with each other, thus stopping the Hole from getting larger. 


Options unto How we can take care:


Pick-Up Trash Communities 

There are communities around the world that Pick-Up trash on the Sea, Forest, Streets, etc.


Donating unto companies cleaning up the Environment

Sometimes, there are companies that actually pick up trash when you donate, e.g.: TeamSeas that when you donate $1, They will clean up one pound of trash in the Ocean.


Planting Trees

When you cut down trees, we lose a lot of oxygen. Because a tree contains leaves, which throw out O2(Oxygen). So, whenever we cut down a tree, we’ll plant down 3 more baby trees. Let’s be like MrBeast, he planted trees 1000 Times!


Less Fossil Fuel, More Solar Energy

Fossil Fuel causes smoke, they can make smokes so thick that they can actually cover the Atmosphere and they could also destroy the Ozone Layer. Solar Energy uses our National Resources, Light and Wind.


Conclusion, Final Paragraph

Earth has been around for millions of years, we need to take care of it whilst we have time, because in a few billion years, The sun will be a red giant. We must take care of our planet, it’s important for inhabitants. All of the birds, all of the insects, germs/bacteria, they’re gonna die. All of us will, so let’s all clean up the world while we can. Firstly, let’s plant trees after we cut down a tree, after we cut one tree down, plant another 3 more. Secondly, Use fossil fuels less, and use Solar Energy mostly. This can lower the amount of smoke getting in the atmosphere. Thirdly, Support companies that clean up beaches and streets. There’s many more unto how you can care for our planet, try doing some of the ways we added on the top of this paragraph.




Why Should Plastic Bottles be Banned? (Argument Writing)

Should Plastic Bottles be Banned?

By: Justine Room 7


I strongly believe that plastic bottles should be banned because it harms the environment.


What are plastic bottles?

They are those water bottles that you buy at the shops. They’re in a bottle called a “plastic bottle”, people keep throwing them away and those plastic bottles because they do not have the power to stand up, and throw it in the bin/trash can. They are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate, these are what most plastic bottles are made of.

Bad For The Environment

Environment: Plastic Bottles are poisonous for our sea animals, and that’s one of our problems with plastic bottles. Every time we throw them away in the original bin, it always manages to find it’s way to the sea. It can kill our Sea Animals and it’s a HUGE problem for our world. There’s even Islands of Plastics in the world.

What Is The Replacement

Replacement: We could change it with Styrofoam ones instead, they’re more reliable because they could last very long and won’t decay for centuries. Adding to that, Styrofoams are and might be pretty heavy, but according to Google it is more reliable than plastic.

If Styrofoams Are Actually The Replacement

WHAT IF, Styrofoams were actually our replaced bottles: If they were, we might have a little bit of problems during the first 10+ years, but we will be alright with it for a while. Styrofoams are mostly used for foods but they could possibly carry water too. I mean, what could we change plastic bottles for? Glass Bottles? Nope, Too dangerous for us.


On the other hand, Styrofoams are very hard to recycle, harder than water bottles. Anyways, we’re still gonna throw it in the bins and they would still find their way in the ocean. The Styrofoams could not be biodegradable and are hard to recycle unlike plastic bottles. Besides, It’s still our responsibility.

Why are they so dangerous?

They’re not dangerous to us, but kind of. Even though they help US people, it doesn’t help the environment. It helps us because they contain the water that we drink every day, when we finish it we leave it’s *plastic* bottle behind and never care about it again. But when we leave them or at least throw them in the bin, it somehow finds its way into the ocean, and it harms our ocean animals.



Plastic Bottles are very dangerous for our environment and could kill the ocean animals because the plastics mostly enter the majestic world of the Ocean. These things might be helpful, but we can find something else to hold water bottles. Like styrofoam bottles, they can be fun to play with when you have no water inside them. Plastic bottles are harmful for the environment, if we don’t want to ban it then at least throw it away. But they’d still go in the same way they always go. The Ocean. 

Rippa Rugby Tournament Recount

 Rippa Tournament 

  • Recount of what happened in that day   –

By: Justine


 “ On the 29th of August, 2023 a Rippa Tournament occurred on Mt. Wellington War Memorial Reserve, a group of St. Patrick’s students joined the tournament to represent St. Patricks. ”



“ On the 29th of August some of the Room 7, 6 and 8 kids were playing football as always. At 8:45, the time the bell rings, we prepared for the long walk to Mt. Wellington War Memorial Park. Before the walk, Mr. Bell told us the rules to what to do and not to do, then we started walking to the place of the tournament. ”




“ When we arrived, the teachers and parents immediately placed down the mat, after they placed down the mat we placed our bags down and took our shoes off. When we took our shoes off we then called the groups; St. Patricks 1(Yellow) and St. Patricks 2(Green). The groups split up to practise their passing, running and also did a little bit of Touch Rugby as well. ”



“ Mr. Bell alarmed us that the first match was happening, Stonefields vs Glen Taylor. I mostly supported Stonefields since I never knew how to pronounce ‘Glen Taylor’ for some reason, but I still supported Glen Taylor whenever they had an opportunity to score and when they scored. I never knew who won since Mr. Bell told us that our first match was happening. ”




“ Before we started, we got to watch Tamaki 1 vs Tamaki 2. Once again, I never knew the winner since the ref(referee) never told us and also, we never asked. After their match, we went to fight Glen Innes. To be honest, I was scared. The kids were big, fast as well. In the end, we won by 2 points(4-2). We were so happy that we won the first round and we did a line and handshaked as a sign of GG(Good Game). ”



“ I was never able to watch the full game, but they said they won against Glen Brae, 4-0. ”



“ After we practised and ate a bit, Mr. Bell then called us on our second match, we stood up and got ready for the match. We were battling Glen Brae, the one that St Patricks 1 fought. We weren’t scared since the members of St Patricks 1 said they were easy to beat. But during the match they were like ‘ We would never lose again!

’. They were confident, they played well and we did too, beating them 4-2, again(In points). After the match they immediately took off and weren’t able to do the handshake line. ”



“ We are doing amazing, we’re beating our enemies every time, we are confident that we’re gonna win. Our points are 4, St Patricks 1 has 2. Truly amazing, even St Patricks 1s. ”



St Patricks 1 wasn’t so lucky, they were beaten by Glen Innes by 5-2(I’m still not sure if this is the correct scoreline). ”



“ It’s the third match, the match where we would have to fight each other. Back at school our team always won, so we weren’t scared about losing. A few moments later, the match ended 5-3. We said goodbye to them since they’re now in 7th place, whilst we’re in 3rd. ”



“ It’s the semi-finals, we shouldn’t have eaten those (nude)foods.. Anyways, in the beginning of the match we were immediately losing, maybe around 2-0. But Willietonie, Jacob and the team never gave up, after a couple of times we scored 6-4 against Stonefields, that’s why we don’t ever give up in life. After the match we did the handshake line again, Good Game, Stonefields. ”



“ It’s the finals, we’re scared and brave at the same time, maybe 50/50. The other team was Glen Brae? I thought they lost already… I guess not. They were so fast, very fast. It was nearly impossible. After a bit of time, we were able to score 5, but they scored 8… we were never able to beat them, but GGs(Good Game). ”



Mr. Bell said that last year the boys barely won a match,  and now we have improved. We did better, we won all matches except for the finals, Mr. Bell said “We only lost to the best team, so we should be proud since we lost to the best team”. Overall, we did pretty well reaching the 2nd place. 

Church Strand Quick Diary

We did Church  Strand way back, I think last term. So I’m very proud that I got to finish it, Church Strand might’ve been the longest ever strand we did with 70+ slides, it took me quite a while do finish it, long story short the strand was about the Early Church, It’s members and how they lived their lives in the old days.

Our Swimming Experience

The first time I went there, I was very scared, since I’ve never swam in my whole life. The first day was not that much swimming, just holding our breath and flapping our legs, I didn’t expect just that at the beginning, I mean I was in beginner since I never swam in my whole life, ever. The photo you see on top of this text was the second week since we started swimming, I knew a little bit on how to swim, I was just going very slow. Although it gave me bravery and reduced my fear of drowning, although I still don’t know how to float, not like the ‘floating on your back and front’, the actual floating. That was the part where I struggled, still got it a bit though. Standing on my back and swimming on my back must be the hardest ones, I struggle floating on my back because I have a fear of heights, looking at the ceiling makes me feel I’m falling, that’s why panic start coming in my soul. on the last days we had an assessment/test based on what we learn, floating on our back WITHOUT touching the floor for 60 seconds or 1 minute straight. I failed that, swim on our backs with one hand raised up(it means that you need help), I failed that as well. on the last day of the second week we practiced on a life boat when it’s sinking, we practiced jumping off it and we also practiced on saving other people without getting on the water. On the last day, we had lots of fun, they let us dive 6 times! I, obviously I wasn’t able to do them properly. Although when I learned how to swim, it was very helpful since now I can float and swim! Well, kind of.

The Yellow Eyed Penguin

On top of this text is my presentation titled “The Yellow Eyed Penguin”.  In this slide, you’ll know what the Yellow Eyed Penguin is, what are their adaptations, why/how did they develop those adaptations and if they’re endangered or extinct.