Caesar The Red Cross Dog

Caesar The Red Cross Dog


By: Justine Matt

Date made: 28th of April, 2023


Caesar is a bulldog that is a mascot in the NZ army and also trained to be a RED CROSS DOG. A red cross dog is a dog that searches for injured soldiers, or missing soldiers. Caesar has helped the army a lot by finding injured/missing soldiers. Caesar also made a lot of friends! Sadly, he died while trying to save a wounded soldier that couldn’t walk properly. He is remembered for his services in the army.

”What ANZAC Day Means To Me?”

‘’What ANZAC day means to me’’


ANZAC means Australia New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day is to celebrate and remember the New Zealand & Australian soldiers that fought in wars for their country. We do Parades and cook ANZAC cookies/biscuits(made with golden syrup and rolled oats). It is a Public Holiday. But therefore, it doesn’t mean anything to me(probably because i’m not born in New Zealand and don’t know much of it).  ANZAC day is celebrated on the 25th of April. They fought not just in New Zealand but also overseas, they fought in poppy fields(not all the time though) and some of them died there. Although, if i was born New Zealand, it would mean to me; that it is a day to remember our battalions who fought for New Zealand.

Waka Ama Experience

We practiced to paddle with the coaches (3 coaches) We learned some paddling  moves like easy, hop, and two more. After the practice we wore our life-jackets, and we we’re ready for our practice in the Waka-Ama!

I was part of the practice INSIDE the Waka Ama(Canoe)! We practiced our paddles and we did great. We kept practising until… we we’re ready to go to race.

We did a friendly race with two teams competing against each other, the Room 8 boys vs Room 7 girls… i was the only boy in the waka ama of the girls, but we have a great coach! In the first round we lost… but in the second round we  won and they we’re meters away from us. After that we went back to the shore and swapped two from each teams

I decided to leave because i was so wet! I swapped with Willietony and Matalena with  Alyvia [fast forward]. After that i wore my backup clothes :D, i went down to the shore and watched them practice, and race, we won 3 times! So it was 3-2 ( we lost to the paddling with hands ) 

Before we left, we carried the Waka Ama ( Canoe ) back to the sheds, and took off our life- jackets. Man it made me don’t want to leave it because it was so FUN! When we left i wish we could’ve stayed longer, you should try it out!


What I Did In St Patrick’s Day and in Sunday & Saturday

By Justine Matt R. Gunay Room 7     St. Patrick’s Day-Friday


I went to school because it was a very special day. It was St. Patrick’s Day!

I did my best in a reading. After the mass we played Sack Race, T. Ball, Scatterball, Gumboot Throw, & hoops. Our team lost some games but we won the gumboot throw with the furthest throw. And I think we also won at Hoops. And we had so much fun and I just wish we can do it again.


After the sports it was lunchtime. I ate my lunch with Vaha (Vahaloka) . My lunch was like beef. After the bell rang we went to the field and played soccer.

In the afternoon we did  some indoor activities.


It was hometime. I went to Tita Terry with Eldrich, Jeaden and other kids (approximately there were 8 of us). After we got home we watched some youtube videos and played Marco. We went home at about 5:30 PM. When we got home we ate dinner with my parents and my little sister.




Saturday picnic+dinner


I didn’t go in Saturday because my Papa/Dad didn’t want to go. My mom was at work (She is a seller at a mall). My dad was mowing our backyard and we were just at home. We ate lunch and took a bath, and i was bored so i played some games. In about 4:50 PM we picked up mom at the mall.




Sunday Mass + Concert


I went to mass because i always go to mass every Sunday. I wore the school uniform as said so. After the mass we went to the hall and we sang there. We sang Karanga E and 2 more songs. After the WHOLE school students sang we went home and ate lunch there. And we waited till 5:00 PM again because were gonna pick up mom.


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