What I Did In St Patrick’s Day and in Sunday & Saturday

By Justine Matt R. Gunay Room 7     St. Patrick’s Day-Friday


I went to school because it was a very special day. It was St. Patrick’s Day!

I did my best in a reading. After the mass we played Sack Race, T. Ball, Scatterball, Gumboot Throw, & hoops. Our team lost some games but we won the gumboot throw with the furthest throw. And I think we also won at Hoops. And we had so much fun and I just wish we can do it again.


After the sports it was lunchtime. I ate my lunch with Vaha (Vahaloka) . My lunch was like beef. After the bell rang we went to the field and played soccer.

In the afternoon we did  some indoor activities.


It was hometime. I went to Tita Terry with Eldrich, Jeaden and other kids (approximately there were 8 of us). After we got home we watched some youtube videos and played Marco. We went home at about 5:30 PM. When we got home we ate dinner with my parents and my little sister.




Saturday picnic+dinner


I didn’t go in Saturday because my Papa/Dad didn’t want to go. My mom was at work (She is a seller at a mall). My dad was mowing our backyard and we were just at home. We ate lunch and took a bath, and i was bored so i played some games. In about 4:50 PM we picked up mom at the mall.




Sunday Mass + Concert


I went to mass because i always go to mass every Sunday. I wore the school uniform as said so. After the mass we went to the hall and we sang there. We sang Karanga E and 2 more songs. After the WHOLE school students sang we went home and ate lunch there. And we waited till 5:00 PM again because were gonna pick up mom.


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